Some Truths

I believe the stories of our lives are held in the musculature of our physical bodies

The hips hang on to guilt, the heart houses our grief and sorrow

Our muscles know fear, they know love and they know vulnerability.

Our pasts leave invisible yet insightful imprints on our internal selves.

A practice seeded in self-study, yoga invites us to kindly seek out our stories.

And the parts of ourselves that would prefer to be unseen.

Yoga is about allowing the whole of us to bubble to the surface.

And we truthfully face ourselves, all of us.

We assess our hardships and forgive our heartbreaks.

We recognize our tendencies and seek to soften wholeheartedly.

I believe the practice of yoga allows our lives to reveal themselves to us

In an honest and loving examination, our bodies divulge who we really are.