Good Mood


I heard somewhere a really long time ago that we’re never more alive than when we’re making a choice. The right choices that we make in our lives infuse us with the ability and the inspiration to continue on the path of right decision-making. These decisions act like conscious catalysts, we crave a course of nourishment as opposed to remaining numb to the consequences of blind assertions. Choices that lean towards wellness and happiness and peace all seem to be made a little bit easier. It’s by no accident that after sitting in meditation or taking a sweet asana class, drinking a lot of water just seems right. Slowing down sounds like a better idea. Filling up the soul up with kind deeds and mindfulness become an intuitive practice done somewhat effortlessly.


I very often empower my yoga students to select their poses intelligently because in the end they are the authors of their own experience. If what I’m offering physically doesn’t quite work, that will always be okay. If journey into a pose is accompanied with angst and anxiety, by all means hold yourself accountable. Your choices make you who you are. Our whole lives, a series of small sometimes seemingly insignificant choices that have led us to exactly where we are at in this moment.


I’m not saying there aren’t those days that our moods seem out of our hands. We throw our arms up and blame it on the wrong side of the bed, on our circumstances, even on other individuals.  Yoga teaches us that we are active participants in our lives. Just like we choose the clothes we wear in the morning or the exercises we partake in, I believe we have the ability to choose our moods in the same fashion. It was Voltaire that said, “The best decision you will make all day is to be in a good mood.” If we can empower ourselves with the ability to select not only our moods but our thoughts and actions too, our entire lives become an experience of consciousness. Every right choice we make, the next one comes that much easier.