Mother Earth

Inspired by the celebration of our communal Mother Earth, I found myself pondering and reading and meditating on the concepts of our first chakra, Muladhara. Muladhara corresponds to the element Earth, the ground for our roots and the stage for our dance through life. We know that human life is dependent on a supply of energy. Connecting with our roots can be interpreted as a way of plugging into the larger system of the planet. Leaning on a source much greater and vaster than our own. We trust in its ability to nourish us with food, water, and air. We pay our respects by treading lightly and mindfully on her surfaces.


We learn through yoga to observe the ways in which we push and pull against the Earth. We celebrate how we stand upon and rest within the steadiness of her embrace, even going so far as to physically salute her offering of the sun. Like a plant being blessed with fertile soil or a tree securing its roots against wind and rain, our yoga mats serve as the ground we turn to when we need to delve into nourishment, when we need to return to our primordial right to be HERE, when we need to feel safe and strong. Through a practice of poses, we learn to see the body as a unified figure of solidity- not as this fragmented system of complexities. The energy of Muladhara requires us to dig down into the simple fundamentals of who we really are. It begs us to take care of our bodies, the home of our spirits dance and to seek out support within our own soul.


We must tend to the anchoring of our sacred temples in ground that is steady yet yielding. The organs, muscles, tissues, blood, and bones that you have been blessed with yearn for your earnest attention and for your understanding that this is your temporary home. The Earth however, she implores for us to comprehend that this is our eternal source. Where we came from and where we will return. Just as a leaf evolves on the branch of a tree, humans form and develop and change and age and wrinkle and die. We fall freely and fearlessly back into the arms of our Mother. Finally returning home, home into the embrace of the Earth.