Sensory Experience

I see a tendency in myself and in this culture to lean towards degrees of numbness. Take your pick on your own numbing mechanism- drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, television, social media. The plethora of choices can be quite enticing. It is a whole lot easier to turn a blind eye to pain and suffering, to solidify the lines between ourselves and our environment, to hold onto belief systems that deep down we know are outdated and untrue.

After quite a few years of practicing yoga asana, I now understand why the physical parts of the practice are vital to the experience of oneness. We step onto our mats and are required to not only contort the body into a wide variety of postures, but we’re asked to breath rhythmically the whole way through. Plunging into a sensory experience is no easy task. Since for a lot of us we have masked our vulnerabilities with layers and layers of stress and tension, as a sense of ease washes over the physical body the emotional body feels utterly exposed. Probably for the first time in a little while. We come closer and closer to the source of our tensions and face our own humanness. We familiarize ourselves with our muscles and our joints, but also our habits and tendencies too.

 It is a fearless endeavor to step onto a yoga mat and into the body. Consciously or not, we stand up as individuals fed up with a culture of numbness. It’s the warriors of peace that serve as catalysts for change, trusting that the energy of gentleness and understanding that we cultivate on our mats will be manifested throughout humankind. Each time layers of tension dissolve from the physical body, it’s like shedding an article of clothing that has been wearing heavily on us for years and years. A feeling of exposed defenselessness soon transforms into a degree of lightness.

It’s only in our most naked state that we can truly transcend the boundaries that keep us separate from all sentient beings. No stress to hide behind, no accessories to nourish our numbness, just an unveiled truth of who we really are.


“Our cell tissues hold the vibrational patterns of our attitudes, our belief systems, and the presence or absence of an exquisite energy frequency or ‘Grace’ that we can activate by calling our spirits from negative attachments.” – Carolyn Myss