Creating and maintaining space is a fundamental aspect of an integrated yoga practice. Stretching out our tissues and our musculature. Widening the potential of our breaths. Broadening the quiet and rare cessations between our perpetual thoughts. All done in a sincere effort to bring us a bit closer to contentment and comfort. All done to potentially excavate the space in our hearts to, as yoga teacher Richard Freeman says, “draw back in everything we have cast out.” Every posture we’ve avoided, every life situation we would have rather hid from, every person we’ve placed judgment on, our practice is about understanding that it is all yoga. It is all just another opportunity to breath deep and be curious. We truly learn to ponder the details of our own lives and to be humble along the way. We acknowledge where there is sensation and where there is hesitation. We embrace our basic right to our whole selves, the good and the bad, the light and the dark, and every component in between.



When we step onto our yoga mats, we inspire both our breath and body to be deep and wide. It is a time to feel a little less crowded inside our own selves. It is in these roomy moments of our asana practice, the ones where our spine has elongated, our hips have broadened, our breath is long and rhythmic, we start to understand the effects of expansion. Spaciousness in our bodies shows up as spaciousness in our day-to-day lives.


As opposed to perpetuating a human tendency to move from one task to another, one breath to another, we are taught in yoga to slow down and to look around. To quite literally stretch things out, in our physical bodies and our life experiences too. Linger longer in the good times and be more interested in the not so good times. Yoga is the opportunity to meander more along the paths of our own lives. Find the in between spaces and cozy up into them. For when this sacred lifetime comes to completion, we can look back at a long, wide and intricate journey. We can reminisce on the boundless depths we found within our bodies and, more importantly, in the spaciousness of we have found in our hearts.