Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the application of yoga practices to assist individuals facing health challenges at any level and to get them out of pain. Whether that pain is physical, mental or emotional, YT can help give you the tools to implement healing into your daily life. Prior to our first yoga therapy session, I will review your answers to a Therapeutic Yoga Questionnaire and perform an intelligent assessment to best meet your particular needs. We will start our session with a conversation about your current state of body, mind and spirit. We'll work together practicing healing breath-work, asana, the incorporation of hands-on healing, as well as simple lifestyle modifications that will bring the practice of yoga off of the mat and into your daily routine. Lastly, I will provide you with a holistic "home practice prescription" created specifically for you. 


One on One Yoga

When we step away from the studio setting and personalize the experience for your specific anatomy, the aspects of a yoga practice can be understood more clearly. A yoga private will include the practice of asana, pranayama, meditation, as well as hands-on deepening assists so your body can diligently learn its own depths. With some discussion, we will cater the practice to your individual needs and intentions in hopes that you will feel more inspired to continue a regular, more grounded yoga practice. 


Yoga for Yoga Teachers

I thoroughly enjoy working with those aspiring to teach and those already teaching yoga. Having led several teacher trainings, I have come to find certain teaching methods that have proven themselves effective and allow for a sustainable offering of the practice. Sessions will be catered to the yoga specific needs as I coach a wide variety of continuing education principles- sequencing, adjusting, and themeing as well as anatomy of the gross and subtle body.  



All Sessions range from 60-90 minutes

1 session for $80 or 3 for $200


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